Our Philosophy - All minds have a job – to learn, to become, and to contribute. But there is a segment of our population to whom learning to read is labored and simple math is not logical. Their growth is blocked and they feel trapped. They cry for help, but few hear or understand them. These people think with mental pictures, not words.

We are here to open learning’s door – to teach them another way so they too can learn, become, and contribute their gifts to the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can we help?
A: Children and adults experiencing difficulties in their day to day lives in the areas of reading, dysgraphia (writing problems), spelling, dyscalculia (difficulties with math), acalculia (no math understanding at all), ADD and ADHD due to the problems associated with dyslexia.

Q: Who can't we help?
A: We probably can not help you if your difficulties are due to brain injury, severe trauma, mental illness or drug abuse. Please call us if you need further clarification.

Q: How can a client benefit?
A: Clients benefit from:

Q: What are the signs of dyslexia?
A: There are numerous symptoms of dyslexia. While the presence of any particular symptom does not necessarily indicate a person is dyslexic, if more than a few symptons exist and are getting in the way of school, work, or life, then a program is recommended. Some symptoms are:

Q: How do I know if I, or someone I know, would benefit from your services?
A: If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from our services, arrangements can be made for a free assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, recommendations will be made as to whether we feel our services would be beneficial to you, and a recommended course of action will be provided.

It is to our benefit and yours to assure a good match is made. Although we are able to help most people, if we feel that our services are not right for you, we will tell you. If you desire more information or would like to schedule an assessment please call or e-mail us.