Our Philosophy - All minds have a job – to learn, to become, and to contribute. But there is a segment of our population to whom learning to read is labored and simple math is not logical. Their growth is blocked and they feel trapped. They cry for help, but few hear or understand them. These people think with mental pictures, not words.

We are here to open learning’s door – to teach them another way so they too can learn, become, and contribute their gifts to the world.


Math Correction Program

The Dyslexia Unlearned Math Program is a one week program (typically Monday through Friday, 9 to 4) that centers totally on the student. The approach is one-on-one and tailored to each student’s specific needs. It is respectful to the student and is presented in a stress free center that teaches the student to utilize his or her gifts.

Math dyslexia is often undiagnosed. Some symptoms are:

Math is about reason and logic. To have reason and logic, a person must have the underlying developmental concepts in place. These concepts are usually in place by third grade. For some people these concepts are elusive and need to be taught. Without these concepts making life work can be difficult and frustrating.

The developmental concepts are modeled in clay. The student will:

Prerequisite for the math correction program is the reading correction program.