Our Philosophy - All minds have a job – to learn, to become, and to contribute. But there is a segment of our population to whom learning to read is labored and simple math is not logical. Their growth is blocked and they feel trapped. They cry for help, but few hear or understand them. These people think with mental pictures, not words.

We are here to open learning’s door – to teach them another way so they too can learn, become, and contribute their gifts to the world.


Our Services

We provide two primary types of services, one for the dyslexic and one for teachers, parents or significant others of dyslexics.

Correction Programs for Dyslexics:

The dyslexia reading and math correction programs are for dyslexics of all ages and are approximately 30 hours each, usually done over a five day period. In addition we provide up to three program reviews as needed. Included in the reading program are three hours of support training for the parent, guardian or support person for in-home follow up.

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Reading Correction Program.

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Math Correction Program.

Workshop for teachers:

This five day workshop is designed for teachers (K-12), Reading and Resource Specialists, Special Education Teachers or Assistants, Paraprofessionals, Home School Educators, and Head Start Teachers. This workshop qualifies for 35 ESD (Educational Services District, Washington State) clock hours.

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Teacher Training Workshop.