Our Philosophy - All minds have a job – to learn, to become, and to contribute. But there is a segment of our population to whom learning to read is labored and simple math is not logical. Their growth is blocked and they feel trapped. They cry for help, but few hear or understand them. These people think with mental pictures, not words.

We are here to open learning’s door – to teach them another way so they too can learn, become, and contribute their gifts to the world.


Program Specialist: Felicia Lynn

Felicia Lynn received her bachelors degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies at Western Washington University. She has 13+ years working closely with social services in a variety of settings from public middle schools, high schools, and universities; to juvenile detention centers, chemical dependency treatment facilities and adolescent homeless shelters.

Felicia's interest in neuroscience combined with her personal experience with dyslexia fuels her passion to help students discover how their unique brain works and to use that information to set themselves up for success in school, work and at home.

Founder: Marlene Easley

(Emeritius, Retired)

Dyslexia Unlearned was founded in 1998 on the premise that dyslexia is a learned response, that can therefore be unlearned. As a certified public school teacher in Washington State, she's taught children and adults for over 30 years in public and private schools, specialized learning centers and daycare.

As a child, Marlene experienced the education system as a dyslexic. As an adult she went on to choose teaching as her profession and a way to open the doors to learning and make a visible difference in the lives of others.

Marlene began her work with dyslexia by achieving all then currently available certifications through Davis Dyslexia Association International® as a dyslexia program facilitator, teacher trainer and school mentor. She parted paths with DDAI in 2004 to enable her to include her own program techniques as well as those of other widely recognized educational professionals.

Dyslexia Specialist: Dyslexia Unlearned - (1998 - ) Provided one-on-one dyslexia Reading and Math programs to students and adults. Provided Teacher Training Workshops. Title One (SES) Provider.

Teacher: Sylvan Learning Center. (1996-1998) Worked with K-3 students.

Home School Teacher: (1984-1993) Taught 12 students, most of whom were youth at risk.

Public Kindergarten Teacher: Irene Reither Primary School, Meridian School District. (1973-1976)

Professional Development:


BA of Education; Western Washington University (1973)

Certified Washington State Teacher for 30+ years (#199315c)